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1973-06-21 First Amendment - Justice Douglas' opinion
Justice Douglas' dissenting opinion: "The idea that the First Amendment permits government to ban publications that are 'offensive' to some people puts an ominous gloss on freedom of the press. That test would make it possible to ban any paper or any journal or magazine in some benighted place. The First Amendment was designed 'to invite dispute,' to induce 'a condition of unrest,' to 'create dissatisfaction with conditions as they are,' and even to stir 'people to anger.' The idea that the First Amendment permits punishment for ideas that are 'offensive' to the particular judge or jury sitting in judgment is astounding. No greater leveler of speech or literature has ever been designed. To give the power to the censor, as we do today, is to make a sharp and radical break with the traditions of a free society. The First Amendment was not fashioned as a vehicle for dispensing tranquilizers to the people. Its prime function was to keep debate open to 'offensive' as well as to 'staid' people. The tendency throughout history has been to subdue the individual and to exalt the power of government. The use of the standard 'offensive' gives authority to government that cuts the very vitals out of the First Amendment. As is intimated by the Court's opinion, the materials before us may be garbage. But so is much of what is said in political campaigns, in the daily press, on TV, or over the radio. By reason of the First Amendment - and solely because of it - speakers and publishers have not been threatened or subdued because their thoughts and ideas may be 'offensive' to some."

1996-12-09: The Internet: The Free-Speech Battleground
Excellent, thorough essay about online free speech, sexual media, 'obscenity' and censorship in various countries.

1998-2004 DOJ vs. Visa/Mastercard
I include a link to the ending of this six-year case because many people claim that the government quietly forced Visa/Mastercard to enact tough anti-porn guidelines, by threatening them with follow-up lawsuits of this nature. I have no written substantiation of this suggestion, however, even an ex-employee of Visa verbally confirmed this (he recalls having been at a meeting where govt officials told them what to do), and, it's notable that the content crackdowns began at about the same time that this case ended.

2002-10-16 Censorship Charge to Credit Cards

2003-04-10 New Federal Attack on the Horizon?
AVN article.

2003-08-25 Defendants Plead Guilty in Obscenity Case
Urination/defecation media. Press release at USDOJ.gov.

2003-11: CCBill's Acceptable Use Policies, Nov 2003, html

2003: Sexuality-Related Laws in Europe
Outdated, but interesting.

2004-03-24 Eaton Man Charged
Word is that the violation they charged this man with, was 18 USC 2257.

2004-06-04 Knock, Knock - It's the 2257 Man
AVN article.

2004-06-16 Ashcroft’s Proposed Changes to 18 USC 2257
AVN article.

2004-06-28 Changes to 2257 now an Official Proposal
AVN article.

2004-07-01 No Inspections Yet, But 2257 Being Updated
AVN article.

2004-08-12 Webmaster's Primer on 2257 Compliance
AVN article.

2004-08-12: 2257 Comments Emailed to the DOJ
AVN article. The comment-period is over for contacting the Department of Justice, but this article is still of interest because it lists in detail what objections were made to the DOJ about the proposed 2257 changes.

2004-09 Webmaster's Primer on 2257 Compliance
Article by attorney.

2004-09-01 2257 Compliance Checklist for European Producers
AVN article.

2004-09-01: 2257 and Politics
AVN article.

2004-09-01: 2257 and You
AVN article.

2004-09-01: What Video Producers Need to Know
AVN article.

2004-09-08 Info Requested via Freedom of Information Act
AVN article.

2004-10-08 Webmasters as Secondary Producers
AVN article. (This article may be out of date now. The May 2005 clarifications essay released by the Department of Justice, indicated that for a finite website, their expectation is to be able to inspect all the records at a single address; the essay stated that a webmaster overseeing a content-collective website must have all the records in-house and post their 18USC statement identifying them as sole custodian of records for the site.)

2004-10-20 FSC Preparing to Challenge New 2257 Regulations
AVN article.

2004-11-25: Gov't Anti-Porn Efforts Well-Funded for 2005
AVN article.

2004-11-26: Copyright Czar added to Fed Bill
AVN article.

2004-11-30: Senate used Unfair Tactics in Porn Hearing
AVN article.

2004-12-02: Senate Hearing: 'The Science Behind Porn Addiction'
AVN article. "Suggestions were made that pornography was... a harmful, addictive product which should outweigh any protection it may have as expression."

2004-12-22: Anti-Censorship Defense Committee Pledges Matching Funds
AVN article.

2004: Obscenity notes at WorldGroups.com
U.S. Federal obscenity indictments since 1995 that specify or describe the subject matter alleged to be obscene: "The web sites, including 'forbiddenvideos.com', were used to advertise and distribute [content] depicting rape scenes, sexual torture, and urination and defecation in conjunction with sex acts ." ... "depicted scenes of rape, described and pandered on the website as follows: 'Want a video of a REAL RAPE? This is no joke.' " (United States. v. Clarence Thomas Gartman, Brent Alan McDowell & Lou Anthony Santilena, U. S. District Court, Northern District of Texas, 2004 ) -- "Video tapes, DVDs and computer video files. . .depicting sexually explicit scenes of defecation, urination and flatus..." [flatus = flatulence] (United States v. Michael J. Corbett, Sharon E. Corbett, Joseph Tanner, Randall Rogers, U.S. District Court, Southern District of West Virginia, 2003) -- "Videotapes identified as "PS-143: UR-A-Peen" and "MV-115: Rape and Sodomize."" j (United States v. Thomas W. Lambert and Sanford Wasserman, U.S. District Court, District of Montana, 2004) -- "Video tapes depicting rape scenes... described on the [defendants' ]web site as follows: 'Want a video of a REAL RAPE? This is no joke, they actually raped a girl and made this video. She is about 20 yrs. old, a very loud screamer, and cries like a baby. . . . She pleads for mercy and begs the men to stop the tape. The men tie her up and have their way with her, including shoving a BASEBALL BAT into her small pussy, pouring hot wax IN her pussy and mouth!' ; "...video tapes...described on the web site as follows: 'This girl gets her tits slashed by a sharp knife and 4 fingers shoved in her ass! 60 minutes.'" (United States v. Garry Layne Ragsdale, Tamara Michelle Ragsdale, U.S. District Court, Northern District of Texas, 2003) -- "Video tapes which depicted graphic sexual acts including sexual intercourse between humans and animals, urination, defecation, and fisting...". (United States v. Gary A. Robinson, U.S. District Court, District of Montana, 2004) -- "Videotapes and DVDs depicting sexually explicit content involving ... sadistic and masochistic conduct, defecation, urination, and bestiality." (United States v. Ronald G. Urbassik, Alina D. Urbassik, U.S. District Court, Northern District of Ohio, 2004)

2004: Opt-Out Child Email Registry - Utah

2005-01-11 Gonzales Commits To Fighting Porn
AVN article.

2005-01-31 Judge dismisses Obscenity Conviction on Privacy Grounds
Article at FindLaw.com.

2005-02-01: Legal Issues of Producing Adult Content
AVN article.

2005-02-03: Gonzales New Attorney General
AVN article.

2005-02-15 Free Speech Coalition Submits Testimony
AVN article.

2005-02-15 FSC Submits Testimony to Senate Subcommittee
AVN article.

2005-02-15 Letter to Subcommittee about Obscenity Hearing
AVN article.

2005-02-15: FSC's Commentary about Senate Obscenity Hearing
AVN article.

2005-02-15: Upcoming Senate ''Obscenity'' Hearing
AVN article.

2005-02-16 Senate Subcommittee Cancels Porn Hearing
AVN article.

2005-02-16: Senate Hearing: 'Obscenity Prosecution and the Constitution'
Hearing notice at Senate.Gov. Last word was this was cancelled...

2005-02-28: Gonzales Vows Aggressive Obscenity Prosecution
AVN article.

2005-03-01 Fetish Materials and the Law
AVN article

2005-03-02: FSC Open Meeting about 18 USC on March 17
AVN article.

2005-03-03: Gonzales Urged to Declare War on Child Porn
AVN article.

2005-03-10 Senate SubCommittee Changes Hearing Name
Sneaky senate! AVN article.

2005-03-15 Googlejacking
AVN article

2005-03-16 Senate Subcommittee Launches Offensive on Obscenity
AVN article.

2005-04-01 Do You Know What Your Affiliates Are Doing
AVN article

2005-04-20 Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act
Some believe this law was the barter item between the credit card industry and the government, that resulted in Visacard/Mastercard adopting the infamous lists of Unacceptable Content. "Opponents of the bill regularly pointed out that the credit card industry spent more than $100 million lobbying for the bill over the course of eight years." Why does the title of this law sound like two opposite goals? LOL

2005-05-06: Hit Child Porn, not Legal Adult Content
AVN article.

2005-05-06: Justice Dept's Obscenity Task Force
AVN article.

2005-05-11: Attorneys weigh in on Obscenity Task Force
AVN article.

2005-05-17 CCBill: 'No More Watersports, Violent Content'
About this same time period, CCBill denied all this to AVN.

2005-05-17: Attorney Gen. Adds to 18USC2257
Department of Justice press release.

2005-05-17: New 2257 Regs Coming
AVN article.

2005-05-17: New 2257 Rules signed by Attorney General
AVN article

2005-05-18: FSC to Challenge New 2257 Rules
AVN article.

2005-05-24 Confusion and Anger over Regs
AVN article

2005-05-24 Regs will Change Way Adult Business is Conducted
AVN article

2005-05-27 Understanding Personal ID Requirements
AVN article

2005-06-01 '2257 a Stalker Tool or...?'
YNOT.com article

2005-06-01 Foreign ID Discussion
YNOT.com article

2005-06-03 Man Sentenced, Fined for Violating 2257
XBiz article. Note - this case was not initiated by an Inspector visit.

2005-06-05: 2257 Yahoo Group
Discussion forum about recordkeeping issues.

2005-06-07 Software Developers Offer 2257 Compliance Solutions
YNOT.com article.

2005-06-14 The Lie That Is 2257
AVN article

2005-06-14 Webmasters Concerned about 2257 Info Sharing
XBiz article.

2005-06-16 Blue Law Makes Webmasters See Red
Wired news article.

2005-06-17 Motion Filed Seeking 2257 Temporary Restraining Order
AVN article - very thorough - a must read regarding the legal holes in the 2257 changes

2005-06-17 Motion Filed Seeking 2257 Temporary Restraining Order
XBiz article

2005-06-22 Announcement Due Thursday; Industry Prepares
AVN article

2005-06-22 Compliant Websites, Closing Websites
XBiz article.

2005-06-22: 2257 Aims to Crush Adult Entertainment
Article at Free Internet Press, informing fans about the law affecting adult companies.

2005-06-23 Free Speech Coalition Makes Deal With Justice
Xbiz article.

2005-06-23 Free Speech Coalition Members Dodge Bullet For Now
AVN article.

2005-06-23 Free Speech Coalition Reaches Agreement Delaying 2257 Inspections for FSC Members
AVN article.

2005-06-23 Free Speech Under Attack
Article explaining 2257 problems to fans, at morons.org.

2005-06-23 Naked Censorship
Forbes.com article.

2005-06-23: 18 USC 2257's 28 CFR 75 -- just the basics
28 CFR 75 amends 18 USC 2257 to go into more detail as to what is expected in adult recordkeeping. Far right column is the version that is in effect from June 23 2005 onward.

2005-06-23: 18 USC 2257's 28 CFR 75 -- plus commentary
This version includes two columns of commentary by the Dept of Justice "explaining" their intentions and addressing our complaints about the law.

2005-06-24 Stipulation Regarding Motion...
What FSC got instead of the restraining order they'd filed for.

2005-06-24 The ASACP Says 2257 Won't Stop Child Porn
XBiz article.

2005-06-26 Industry Reacts to Free Speech Coalition Deal
AVN article

2005-06-28 Compliant Websites
XBiz article.

2005-06-29 Dodging the Censor's Bullet
Windy City Media Group Gay-Lesbian news. Article.

2005-06-30 Members of FSC Submitted to the 2257 List Master
AVN article

2005-06: CCBill's Acceptable Use Policies, Jun 2005, html2

2005-06: CCBill's Acceptable Use Policies, Jun 2005, html
Formerly http://businesscenter.ccbill.com/html_forms/aupt.html ... which conflicted with the following: here's the version CCBill emailed to a client in September 2005: CCBill's ''AUP'' limits - cannot have on webpages/site and cannot link to such webpages/sites. Any and all depictions and/or actual occurrences and/or content and/or marketing and/or references to: 1. Underage: Provocative and/or Non-Provocative; including Hentai or animations. - 2. Rape: Rape, involuntary sex or forced sex; in all mediums including Hentai or animations. - 3. Bodily Excretions: Scat/fecal matter, person to person watersports, and/or a woman's period or menstruation. - 4. Extreme Violence: Acts of extreme violence, and/or depictions of extreme violence in all mediums including Hentai or animations. Extreme pain and/or implying and/or suggesting extreme pain. Flogging (severe beating). - 5. Bloodletting or Bloodshed. Consumption of Blood. (Webmasters note! The blood rule can affect your linking to vampire fetish, goth fetish, and horror movie fetish sites!) Self-mutilation. Cannibalism. Depiction of gore inflicted by oneself and/or another individual or group. 'Snuff' or 'Fantasy Snuff' content and/or content involving or implying death or serious bodily injury. Autopsy photos. (Webmasters note: This can affect your linking to necro fetish and "darksites".) - 6. Diaper Fetish: Diapers, Diaper Fetish and/or sites which depict models in diapers in all mediums including Hentai or animations; Sexual or Non-Sexual. --- Forbidden on CCBill's website but not mentioned in the email list: Bestiality, Incest. --- Not forbidden on CCBill's website and not in the email list, but forbidden according to CCBill staff: Chloroform (chloro, chloroformed), Kidnap (kidnapped, kidnapping), Ransom.

2005-06: CCBill's Acceptable Use Policies, Jun 2005, pdf

2005-07-01 Atty General Alberto Gonzales Lost Moral Compass
AVN article.

2005-07-01 Ten Myths about Adult Entertainment Law
AVN article

2005-07-02 Role of the 2257 Special Master explained
XBiz article.

2005-07-05 Justice O'Connor's Retirement & Adult Business
AVN article

2005-07-05 Regulations Impinge on Free Speech
Article at PoliticalGateway.com.

2005-07-19 Gov't Questions Free Speech Coalition Plaintiffs
AVN article

2005-07-19 New Bill: 25% Tax on Adult Website Sales?
This law would utilize 18 USC 2257 as a roster for taxing adult sites at a ridiculous rate. The idea about adding age-verification to credit card sales, though, would have been an acceptable idea on its own...

2005-07-19 Senator to Propose 25% Tax on Adult Sites
AVN article

2005-07-21 Justice Dept Responds to 7 Questions
AVN article. Dept of Justice provides clarifications and concessions on 7 points of 2257. A must-read.

2005-07-26 Judges Refuse to Overturn Net Obscenity Law
AVN article

2005-07-27 Age Verif and 25% Porn Tax Battle Begins
AVN article

2005-07-27 Analysis of Dept of Justice's Filing

2005-07-27 Porn Tax - Proposal
Legal wording.

2005-07-28 Model ID Law in Military Case
Google's html cache of a .doc file.

2005-07-28 NY Judge Won't Enjoin Anti-Porn Statute
AVN article

2005-08-02 Battle Goes to Court
AVN article.

2005-08-02 Federal Regs Argued in Colorado Court
Sovo.com article.

2005-08-02 No Decision in Prelim Injunction Hearing
XBiz article.

2005-08-02 No Decision Today; Gov't Backs Down on Some Claims
AVN article.

2005-08-04 Analysis: U.S. on Defensive during Hearing
XBiz article.

2005-08-05 Court Weighs Federal Website Rules
Sovo.com article. This article mentions that the Free Speech Coalition currently has 3,625 members.

2005-08-05 Foreign Content and 2257
XBiz article.

2005-08-10 Some 2257 Regs Clarified by DOJ and FSC
AVN article

2005-08-12 Proposed Porn Tax Probably Unconstitutional
Ynot article.

2005-08-22 No Decision Yet
YNot article

2005-08-25 Crisis in Pornland
MontrealMirror article, for general public.

2005-08-29 Silver Lining: the Good in 2257
YNot article.

2005-08-30 Miami DOJ Rep: ''Mandated to Prosecute Obscenity''
AVN article

2005-08-30 U.S. Attorney's Porn Fight Gets Bad Reviews
Law.com article.

2005-08-31 Agreement Re 2257 Extended by DOJ and FSC
AVN article

2005-08-31 Deal with Government Extended
YNot article.

2005-09-01 International Paradox: Unenforcable 2257
AVN article

2005-09-02 Spam Indictments with Obscenity and 2257 Convictions
AVN article

2005-09-06 Federal Regulations Again Stalled
Sovo article.

2005-09-12 Five Recordkeeping Cases Not From Inspections
AVN article

2005-09-12 Freedom of Information takes a Year
AVN article.

2005-09-13 Obscenity Laws a House of Cards
AVN article

2005-09-14 House introduces Child Prevention Act 2005
AVN article.

2005-09-14 New Legislation would Expand 2257
YNot article

2005-09-15 Coalition Statement on Child Porn Protect Act 2005
AVN article

2005-09-16 Analysis of new Child Porn Prevention Act 2005
AVN article.

2005-09-20 FBI Recruiting for Anti-Obscenity Unit
AVN article. New "anti-obscenity squad"... will allegedly target "bestiality, urination, defecation, as well as sadistic and masochistic behavior"... rape...fisting.

2005-09-20 FBI to Target Urination, Sadism, Fisting, More
So Paul Cambria thinks we're all crouching in our garages producing fetish material? AVN article.

2005-09-21 Models IDs Posted on Online Forum
Please forward this link to every producer you know, so that whoever hired this guy just before August 13 can piece things together.

2005-09-21 MSN to Move Adult Groups Offsite
Betanews article.

2005-09-23 Churches declare National Anti-Porn Day
AVN article.

2005-09-24 Supreme Court Justice Scalia: 'U.S. Must Tolerate Porn'
Xbiz article

2005-09-29 War on Porn
MSNbc article.

2005-10-02 Agreement Extended on 2257 Pause
AVN article.

2005-10-02 Agreement on 2257 Motion extended to Oct 31
AVN article

2005-10-05 Obscenity Prosecutions lead to Self-Censorship of SM
NCSF article/press release.

2005-10-06 California: Max Hardcore raided for ''Obscenity''
Titles seized depict watersports, fisting. AVN article. Note: Performer ID documents were also seized. According to Max Hardcore's attorney, even though Max Hardcore is a member of the FSC, the current stipulated agreement that prevents the DOJ from enforcing 2257 federal record-keeping and labeling laws against FSC members (until after a federal judge rules on a pending motion for a preliminary injunction) is not applicable when IDs are seized in the course of an obscenity investigation. IDs seized in the raid were limited to the performers who appeared in the 5 seized tapes.

2005-10-06 Florida: Max Hardcore Servers Returned
Ynot article.

2005-10-07 Erotic Stories Site closed by FBI
Ynot article.

2005-10-07 Red Rose Stories closed by FBI
AVN article.

2005-10-07 Red Rose Stories site Charged with Obscenity
Xbiz article.

2005-10-12 Buried Clause could tag Films, TV as Porn
Article in the Hollywood Reporter.

2005-10-12 Some Members of BDSM Community Self-Censoring
Ynot article.

2005-10-13 Hollywood Notices Rep. Pence's Suggested 2257 Changes
Ynot article.

2005-10-13 Legal Beat - October
Summary of current events in 2257 etc. Xbiz article.

2005-10-18 It's a Lascivious Job...
Article about 2257 in the Hollywood Reporter.

2005-10-19 Arguments in Extreme 'Obscenity' Case before 3rd Circuit
Ynot article.

2005-10-19 Arguments in Extreme Associates Appeal
AVN article.

2005-10-19 Bill Revisited - ''Legitimate'' Industry Might Be Exempted
Article at crime-research.org

2005-10-19 Model I.D. Law might get Rewrite
Yahoo news article about effect of 2257 on mainstream films.

2005-10-20 ''Extreme Case About Privacy, Not Obscenity''
AVN article

2005-10-20 List of Obscenity Prosecutions during this Administration
Anti-adult-media article at "Concerned Women for America". Excellent list of cases, though. Notable quote: U.S. Attorney Buchanan speaking on 60 Minutes (Nov.12): "We're focusing our resources on the most egregious offenders. So, we're looking at the producers and distributors who are producing the worst material, the largest quantity of material, the largest area of distribution. As for the big corporations that are now distributing pornography... they need to exercise discretion. The Justice Department is currently investigating 50 cases across the country."

2005-10-25 Child Safety Act to change Movie Industry
Article in student newspaper at George State U.

2005-10-27 FBI Violated Surveillance Laws
XBiz article.

2005-10-27 Federal Porn Crackdown Intensifies
Bay Area Reporter article.

2005-10-31 Nov 30th Latest Extension for 2257 Agreement
AVN article.

2005-11-01 Precedent set in Copyright Infringement Case
AVN article about Titan vs Bareback. Two notable issues. 1. Site allowing customers to post images, found liable in not preventing or deleting copyright images from other sources. 2. Court allowance of seizing domain names for auction to raise money for the judgement.

2005-11-03 Wash DC Lobbying Firm to rep Adult Industry
Ynot.com article.

2005-11-17 War on Porn Starts in Texas
Piercings, simulated torture join DOJ's list of 'obscenity'.

2005-12-07 Recordkeeping System - Free - Cool Content 2257 Records Keeping System

2005-12-07: AEBN's Content Restrictions
Streaming-video and downloadable-video co-op megasite. In email dated December 7, 2005: "We at AEBN ... adhere strictly to obscenity laws. The following categories describe the only content AEBN will not accept: Under age. Bestiality. Incest. Scat. Abduction/Chloroform/Rape."

2006-02-09 Bondage Unmasked
'[Larry] Walters, a First Amendment attorney who handles adult-oriented clients in Central Florida, says very few, if any, BDSM sites have anything to worry about. “Prosecutors are looking at sites with actual violence, blood play, scatology, forcible rape—things that don’t play well with juries,” he says.' Story seems at times unclear on the difference between bondage and S/M, though, mentioning nails through breasts.

2006-02-13 Websites Fight Rules
Amazingly, in this article AEBN states publicly that they don't have all their records.

2006-02-27 Lawsuit filed against Ex-Underage Performer
Cobra Video filed a federal lawsuit against Sean Lockhart, a performer who appeared as Brent Corrigan in four Cobra Video titles while underage.

2006-02: Verotel's Content Compliance Policy
As of February 2006: No underage content and no use of words "little", "teen", "young", or "lolita". No nudist sites and no use of term "nudist". No scat and no use of term "scat". (Verotel's position on aby sites is not clear.) No real, simulated or implied death, dead people, executions or suicide. (Verotel's position on goth/vampire sites is not clear.) No propaganda of nazi, terrorist, anti-semitic, discriminatory propoganda. No photos, videos, drawings, cartoons or computer animations of real, simulated or implied rape or sexual assault, and no use of terms "rape" or "rapist". No photos, videos, drawings, cartoons or computer animations of real, simulated or implied incest, and no use of terms "incest", "family", "daughter", "son", "father", "mother", "uncle", "aunt", "niece", "nephew", or "cousin" used in relation to sexual conduct. No photos, videos, drawsings, cartoons or computer animations of real, simulated or implied bestiality. No newsgroup sites.

2006-03-20 Barbara Nitke's CDA Lawsuit (Obscenity)

2006-03-20 Court rejects Obscenity Appeal (S/M)
Barbara Nitke's appeal is denied.

2006-03-26 Justices Won't Axe Obscenity Law
Regards Barbara Nitke's case. Refers to S/M and bondage.

2006-07-25 FBI Inspects Diabolic
AVN article.

2006-08-01 FBI Inspects Robert Hill
AVN article.

2006-08-18 $50,000 Monthly Minimum
Many merchant banks now requiring a $50K monthly minimum before considering an applicant for a merchant account. This link shows a statement by NetBilling to that effect; I've received similar information from other places.

2006-08-28 Renderotica Terms of Service
Excerpt: "You may not post any images of the following on this website: Children: Depiction of children or creatures resembling children (including imaginary creatures such as fairies). Under 18 years of age is strictly forbidden, even in non-erotic situations ...make sure that all your models, virtual or real, look clearly over 20... Pictures that include a text specifying or implying that at least one of the characters is under 18 years of age, or that include props and scenery implying such, are forbidden. This includes, but is not limited to, descriptions of "teen" anything, high school desks and classrooms and other words and situations implying that one or more of the participants is under 18. Bestiality: No images of people having sex with animals. No images of animals having sex with people. Animals include any animal that can be found living on earth in the present time. Mythological beasts and fantasy creatures are acceptable as long as they don't closely resemble living creatures. Other forbidden subjects: Pornography depicting an individual being killed - "Snuff" . Pornography depicting nonconsensual sex - this includes individuals appearing to be drugged, asleep, hypnotized, raped, etc. This also includes bondage. Pornography depicting sadistic or masochistic abuse. Pornography depicting urination, defecation, or menstruation." Aug. 28, 2006.

2006-08: One Merchant Bank's AUP according to VisaMastercard
Here are the guidelines being mailed out by Woodforest Merchant Bank as of 8/2006. Same text not found on their site. "Due to certain restrictions and fines assessed by Visa and Mastercard, the following website content or merchandise containing this content (such as video and DVDs) is strictly prohibited. 1. Pornography depicting an individual being killed - "Snuff" 2. Child pornography or the illusion of child pornography 3. Beastiality [sic] 4. Pornography depicting nonconsensual sex -- This includes individuals appearing to be drugged, asleep, hypnotized, raped, etc. 5. Pornography depicting sadistic or masochistic abuse 6. Pornography depicting urination, defecation, or menstruation 7. Live webcam. If this content is found on your website, on merchandise sold by you, or is on an associated link to or from your website, your merchant account will be terminated immediately for cause." (Aug.2006) This bank also stated by phone the following are forbidden: Bondage in small areas (cages, boxes, closets, trunks). Bondage where rigger is wearing a hood (even in a consensual setting). Bondage where the subject looks unhappy or uncomfortable.

2006-09-06 Bukkake Joins List of 'Obscenities'
First known mention of bukkake in an obscenity charge. "...obscene videos for download or delivery in the U.S.. The videos depicted bukkake, fisting, and depictions of defecation, urination, and vomiting in conjunction with sex acts." Also note this scary bit: "Fisting" as used in this affidavit refers to a genre of adult movies that include depictions of the insertion of fisted hands AND SOMETIMES OTHER OBJECTS..."

2006-09-12 Latest ''Obscenity'' List
This is the most current "Obscenity List" I have compiled (Sep.2006). Items the Dept. of Justice has indicated/announced they consider "obscene": Bestiality, urination, defecation, rape, sadistic and masochistic behavior (sometimes called sadistic and masochistic conduct) (this string is often accompanied by the phrase "in conjunction with sex acts"). Added: fisting. Added: live piercing, simulated torture, sexual torture. Added: blood play, menstruation. Added: vomit, mutilation. Latest known added: bukkake [text described what sounded to be American-variation bukkake, not Japanese style bukkake]

2006-09-21 America's War on Sex - Review

2006-10-10 FBI Inspects Legend
AVN article.

2006-10-11 FBI Inspects Darkside
AVN article.

2006-10: CCBill's Acceptable Use Policy, Oct 2006
However, the page does not quite match letters being mailed out Oct.2006 which say the following: "It is a very serious violation of the Credit Card Association rules as well as the CCBill AUP to depict and/or reference anything to do with kidnapping, abduction, damsels in distress, captives, and anything that appears forced or non-consensual. You have been a good client of CCBill's and we want to work with you on this but we are subject to receiving large fines for everyday that this type of content is available through our company. We must deactivate the account until all content of the referenced nature is removed. Once you have removed the infringing content you can contact the Policy Review department at 480.449.7750 ext. 183 and we will do a review of the site and determine its compliancy. Below is an example of the content that must be removed in order for the account to be reactivated. ... [objectionable url] 'damsel in distress, captured' [objectionable url] 'chloroform' " end quote. Note: forbidding the phrase "damsel in distress" is new for CCBill at this time.

2006-11-16 FBI Inspects Pure Play
AVN article.

2006-11-17 FSC Objects to 'Illegal Searches'
AVN article.

2006-12-15 FBI Inspects K-Beech
AVN article.

2007-01-17 Attorney discusses aspects of 2257
AVN article.

2007-01-19 Los Angeles Times reports on Inspections
AVN article.

2007-01-24 FBI Inspects Wicked Pictures
AVN article.

2007-02-07 FBI Inspector Speaks at Seminar
AVN article.

2007-03-23 Districts 'Don't Give a Rat's Ass'
AVN article about U.S. attorneys, Dept. of Justice and FBI not working together to fight obscenity.

2007-04-20 Obscenity Issues Affected US Attorney Firings
Ynot article.

2007-05-07 FBI Inspects Shane's World
AVN article. Shane's World is a member of the Free Speech Coalition.

2007-06-01 FBI Inspect JT Video Records
Cited for using a PO Box, cited for not being present during required office hours.

2007-10-31 Facebook sites more popular than porn?
Younger generations less interested in porn? 33% decline in porn site visits in past 2 years. Article

2007-11-14 Case re Section 2257 Struck Down
In-depth discussion of what's unconstitutional about 2257

2008-01-12 Feds Seek Rehearing On Sixth Circuit 2257 Decision
The saga continues

2008-04-10 6th Circuit Grants Rehearing in 2257 Case
The saga continues

2008-06-06 Proposed 2257A
pdf file

2008-06-09 Isaacs Obscenity Trial Upcoming
Los Angeles. Defendant Ira Isaacs. Videos include defecation, bestiality.

2008-06-09 Proposed 2257A Changes Issued by Justice Dept
Xbiz article.

2008-12-22 Revised Verification Rules for 2257
"Mainstream" productions specifically exempted from 2257 for no logical reason. If the true intent of the law is to protect minors from appearing in sexual material, this futzing with the law is inappopriate.

2009-01-21 Child Online Protection Act outcome

2009-01-29 Supreme Court Kills COPA Law
"In 1998, the U.S. Congress enacted the Child Online Protection Act (COPA), a law intended to control child access to sexually explicit material on the Internet. The law was immediately challenged on free speech and other grounds and its enforcement was delayed. After ten years of litigation, on January 22 the U.S. Supreme Court dealt the final blow to the law..."

2009-06-29 Recession So Bad Even Sex Doesn't Sell

2009-07-01 Extreme Associates Sentenced to One Year

2009-07-27 Torture Portal Indicted on 8 Obscenity Counts

2009-08-31 No correlative relationship between porn and rape
Since approximately 1993, the internet has dramatically increased the amount of porn viewed by U.S. citizens. Rape has decreased during this time period, not increased.

2009-08-31: No correlative relationship between porn and violence
Since approximately 1993, the internet has dramatically increased the amount of porn viewed by U.S. citizens. Violent crime has decreased during this time period, not increased.

2010-02-10: 18 USC 2256
Includes definitions for terms used in 2257.

2010-02-10: 18 USC 2257
The law regarding Recordkeeping & Custodian of Records. Be sure to consult 28 CFR 75, as that contains amendments to 18 USC 2257.

2010-02-27 Vicky on Rapidshare
Vicky weighs in on filesharing.

2010-06-04 Article: Just How Bad is Porn, Anyway?
Writer looks at studies and statistics.

2010-07-23 Obscenity Plea Deal
Adult DVD Empire said to be in Obscenity Plea Deal for DVDs “A Bounty of Pain,” “Shattering Krystal” both from Dan Hawke Productions, “Extreme Tit Torture 18” from Galaxy Productions, and “Pussy Torture 8” also from Galaxy and directed by Rick Savage.

2010-12-10 Mainstream Entertainment Ratio of Piracy and Paying
Interesting article about how most consumers are both buyers and stealers.

2011-03-30 Porn Star Database Leaked
Article at Gawker - "Porn wiki leaks" site displaying names and birthdates of thousands of adult performers.

2011-03-31 Breach of Porn Actors' Data Reveals Failure
"Producers pay a monthly subscription fee for unlimited access to AIM’s entire database of test results for current and previous performers."

2011-03-31 STD Clinic Private Information Leaked
DeathAndTaxesMag covers the AIM database breach.

2011-03-31 Website Breach - AIM
AIM's first public statement regarding the possibility that the performer database was breached.

2011-04-01 The Person Behind Porn Leak
Allegations regarding the adult industry database leak site.

2011-04-02 About Porn Wiki and AIM Database
Article reporting on the privacy violations and repercussions around the site that posted personal information of many adult-industry performers. Includes info on where to get help.

2011-04-07 Senator Hatch Demands More Porn Prosecutions

2011-04-23 Study Finds That We're All Sexual Deviants

2011-05-01 DL is a Convicted Felon
Webpage containing allegations concerning the person accused of creating the porn leak site.

2011-05-02 AIM Clinic Closes, Citing Financial Hardship
Blog reporting closure of AIM Clinic

2011-05-03 Talent Testing Service
Remaining STD/AIDs-testing service available for adult performers.

2011-05-12 Companies funding PornWikiLeaks
AdultDVD.com, Mallcom.com and WebWizard.com are seen to be permitting pornwikileaks site to earn revenue through their affiliate and ad systems.

2011-05-18 Kinkbomb's Content Limits
Kinkbomb is an aggregate videoclips site. Their 'forbidden content' list states: "we cannot allow: minors, snuff, bestiality, necrophilia, child porn, horror, feces, blood, vomit, fisting, or urination."

2011-06-04 Florida Couple Arrested for Making Porn
Kimberly Kupps charged -- just for doing sex and blowjobs on her paysite and Clips4Sale.

2012-01-07 Michael Peacock case NOT GUILTY
Found not guilty of obscenity - content included male fisting, urination, and BDSM.

2012-02-03 ACLU Sues Library to Permit Porn Access
Article: ACLU sues library for not allowing access to online porn

2012-05-01 Verotel Account Changes
"Verotel needs to register every single URL and every single merchant with the credit card companies"...

2012-05-19 Harmful to Minors Act
Part of the act overturned by judge.

2012-05-27 Words the US Government Tracks Online
List of words that the USA government tracks on the internet. This is supposed to be the complete list, yet it omits alternative terms (for instance, slang terms for the drugs listed, are probably also tracked).

2012-11-02 Fined for Sharing Net Pornography
Article. Flava uses unique embedded code to match each download to each customer, and thus is able to go after a pirate.

2012-11-05 Model in H.I.V. Efforts - Sex Film Industry
Article: "350,000 sex scenes have been shot without condoms since 2004, and H.I.V. has not been transmitted on a set once."

2012-11-06 Los Angeles County Condom Law
Submitted for vote, passed.

2012-11-25 Porn Stars Spiritually Healthier Than Other Women
Article: Researchers' survey debunks the old claim that all porn models were previously assaulted or abused.

2257 Blows
Forum "for all who are involved in adult and affected by 2257, but most importantly also for the talent, performers and models implicated, which 2257 actually pertains to. Come discuss, rant, and exchange your views about this hot and never ending issue and anything else you may have on your chest."

Adult Freedom Foundation
"Defending the Adult Industry"

Adult Web Law
Resources, links for adult webmasters and producers.

AdultBizLaw - Adult Business Law Firm
Based in San Fernando Valley, providing legal services in California, Nevada, etc.

Article: 5 Things To Know When Police Visit

Article: The Sunny Side of Smut
"For most people, pornography use has no negative effects—and it may even deter sexual violence..."

Copyright/DMCA Service: Degban

Copyright/DMCA Service: RemoveYourContent
Mid-2011 they raised their rates; I made inquiries about my account and could not get some of the data due to how their system displayed it; a staffer told me they are moving away from servicing the adult industry in favor of having more clients in mainstream industries.

First Amendment Ally: AASECT
American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors & Therapists.

First Amendment Ally: American Civil Liberties Union
"Our job is to conserve America's original civic values - the Constitution and the Bill of Rights." Mission includes preservation of First Amendment rights -- freedom of speech, association and assembly; freedom of the press; freedom of religion supported by strict separation of church and state; right to privacy.

First Amendment Ally: American Library Association
Oldest & largest library association in the world. 64,000 members. Known for staunch protection of freedom of information.

First Amendment Ally: Americans United
Americans United for Separation of Church and State. Founded in 1947 as non-sectarian non-partisan organization.

First Amendment Ally: Center for Democracy and Technology
Promotes democratic values and constitutional liberties in the digital age. Seeking solutions to enhance free expression and privacy in global communication technologies.

First Amendment Ally: Freedom Forum
Non-partisan foundation dedicated to free press and free speech.

First Amendment Ally: IASHS
Institution for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality. The only sexology graduate school in the U.S.

First Amendment Ally: Media Coalition
Association that defends the right to produce, sell and buy books, magazines, movies, recordings, videotapes, videogames, etc.

First Amendment Ally: National Coalition Against Censorship
Alliance of 50 national non-profit organizations supporting freedom of thought, inquiry and expression.

First Amendment Ally: National Gay and Lesbian Taskforce
National lesbian gay bisexual transgender (LBGT) civil rights and advocacy organization. Headquartered in Washington D.C.

First Amendment Ally: People for the American Way
Affirmation of the American Way - pluralism, individuality, freedom of thought, expression and religion, sense of community and tolerance and compassion for others.

First Amendment Ally: SSSS
Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality (Quad S) is a professional society dedicated to the advancement of knowledge about sexuality. Founded in 1957.

First Amendment Ally: TV Watch
Coalition that opposes government control of TV programming.

First Amendment Lawyers Association (FALA)
Not-for-profit association. Membership includes the most prominent First Amendment attorneys in the U.S.

Free Speech Coalition

Global Anti-Piracy Agency (GAPA)

Lorelei at AdultWhosWho.com
An adult-industry site for networking. I don't use it but, okay, I made a page there in case anyone needed to find me.

Model Splash
Site pays amateurs per-photo or per-minute of video, for amateur personally-produced X porn.

Payment Services
Page includes handy list of payment services, compiled by eBay in "yes" and "no no" categories. Excerpt: "Payment Services permitted on eBay: Allpay.net, Bidpay, cash2india, CertaPay, Checkfree.com, hyperwallet.com, Moneybookers.com, Nochex.com, Ozpay.biz, Paymate.com.au, Propay.com, XOOM. --- Payment Services not permitted on eBay: AlertPay.com, anypay.com, AuctionChex.com, BillPay.ie, ecount.com, cardserviceinternational.com, CCAvenue, ecount, e-gold, eHotPay.com, ePassporte.com, EuroGiro, FastCash.com, Google Checkout, gcash, GearPay, Goldmoney.com, graphcard.com, greenzap.com, ikobo.com, Liberty Dollars, Moneygram.com, neteller.com, Netpay.com, paychest.com, payingfast.com, Payko.com, paypay, Postepay, Qchex.com, rupay.com, sendmoneyorder.com, stamps, Stormpay, wmtransfer.com, xcoin.com."

Recordkeeping and Releases: 2257Services.com

Recordkeeping for Non-US Producers
Info for non-US producers who want to market their material to US websites.

Recordkeeping System with Member Area Program
Mansion Productions member area system has a module for recordkeeping.

Recordkeeping System: KeepSafeUSA.com
Records database service. They take all documentation, scan it, and upload it into an organized database for you. Features crossreferencing and image display (such as video boxcover) for each record. This is a fancy service designed mostly for the larger adult-entertainment companies.

Social Security Number Verification
A photographer or director, as Employer, can call in the performer's social security number, date of birth and legal name to verify their identity.


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