World Wide Lorelei Web
When I was growing up, I felt like I was the only Lorelei.
Now if you surf the web, you'll see that we Loreleis are taking over the world...!


 The origin in a nutshell

Good advice on the Heartbreak page

How romantic!

Siren songs

Listen to the wav, it's beautiful:

Lorelei lyrics

Lorelei gets tough


Not the same as!

Lorelei with magic, but without paragraph breaks

The original poem

Modern Lorelei poetry

Deranging by harmony?

A picture is worth...

Move over, Kit

No, not a car, a ship

No, not a ship, a flagship

This name causes intestinal problems

This is not me!

Sleep with Lorelei

My webdesign skills back when I started?

I bought one of these last year, didn't even know it was called Lorelei

"I've only ever done it my way."

Can't we write anything without including BDSM? No... :)

Lorelei as not-Lorelei

An adult film with class?



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